Ghost Stories

Horror Stories To Read Online

Horror Stories To Read Online

There are some people who attract darkness or ghost, scary ghosts. It doesn't mean they are dark people themselves, it's just the hand life has dealt them.

I hope this Horror Stories To Read Online will like you and feel free to share your opinions in the comments box after you read story.

Horror Stories To Read Online

This Happened to my friend's cousin, Lucy. She was only 12 when this happened to her.

When Lucy was in the 7th grade, her class received a new student, all the way from Mississippi. Her name was Bella, and she was what the boys were drooling over. She was a very beautiful girl and she sang just like an angel. Soon, her and Lucy became best friends.

A few months later, a foreign exchange student came to her class, and her name was Alex. Alex was from South Africa. Her dad was white and her mother was African. Anyways, she couldn't speak English very well, but she was nice. She was also pretty, and all the boys pushed Bella out of the picture, and they drooled over Alex. Lucy who was nice, was the only one who befriended Alex, because the other girls were jealous, and the boys were too shy. Bella was also jealous and accused Alex of stealing her best friend. (Horror Stories To Read Online)

One day, Lucy was eating alone in the cafeteria. When she was done, she went back to her classroom. When she walked inside, all the girls in the class were beating Alex up. Alex screamed and screamed and Lucy called the teacher.

Months later, Alex started ignoring everyone, even Lucy. Then, one night, during a school dance, the whole school was there, except Alex. Well Lucy was dancing when, all of a sudden, Alex came through the gym doors. She was all scared, and her hair was all frizzy. She didn't look happy anymore. She pulled out a little bag, and sprinkled some dust from it, on everyone. Well everyone, except Lucy and another girl named Jimmy. Alex said something strange and left.

Everyone laughed and continued laughing. Two weeks later, some of the students stopped coming to school, and a few went missing. Lucy knew it all had to do with Alex. After school, Lucy went home. Bella called her and asked if she could go visit her, as she was very sick. Lucy went to Bell's house and screamed when she saw Bella. Bella had almost no legs, and fingers, and no face. She was all bones and Lucy left. The next day, she received news that Bella passed away during the night.

Then, one by one, everyone from her class died. Lucy and Gimmy were the only ones who survived out of their class. Alex came back to school, and boy, was she happy. The voice was now beautiful, just like Bella's. (Horror Stories To Read Online)

This story is based on an African voodoo Spell. When it is used, the Africans gets somethings in return. It was used historically to get the travel out of Africa, and it can only be used once. Just like Alex, she got Bell's beautiful singing voice, And the rest of the class have experimented......

Horror Stories To Read Online 2

The Trip

That’s a true incident from three years ago. The same goes for June-July. I, Kedar, Prasad, and Sushant had gone from Pune to Mahur in Vidarbha. That's a horrible experience. The four of us took the Innova and reached the fountain in the evening. Karanja is an important place in Datta Sampradaya. It was decided to stay there for an hour and then go to Mahur which is 150 km away. But due to rain and drama by car, it was 8:30 pm to reach Karanja. It was 10:00 am while doing darshan and meal etc. It was still raining ...Car battery problem ... so the question was whether to go ahead or not. Yes, yes, no, we decided to go ahead at 10:30 ... There was no such tension of driving ...(Horror Stories To Read Online)
But that part was new to us, besides rain ...! We wanted to make a full trip without wasting time as we were planning a holiday ... so we left saying we would reach slowly ... Before that, we parked the car near the temple where a shop
Three Gurujis standing in the middle of the road asked for a lift to Karanja bus stand to take us to Shegaon. I took them with me and left them at the bus stand ... After coming a little further from there, Prasad saw a bag on the seat.

With this Guruji's bag left, We came back to the bus stand to give it to her, but they had mostly got the car. So Kedar put the bag in his sack and asked him to let him know if there was any number in it .... Now the four of us started our journey towards Mahur. Time: 11 pm, rain, and darkness ...
. The 110 km road from Karanja to Mahur is a bypass ... quiet! Leaving the fountain, the forest starts from 10 km. Rarely does a car appear? Leaving the small village in the chowk, darkness and fear accompany the peace. It was raining heavily as we left. Cold wind, Exhaustion caused everyone else to fall asleep. I was driving. Rain, darkness, unfamiliar share, and frightening silence, there is no other vehicle in it ... If the train stops again, well done! I was a little scared ... I jumped, so this fear didn't make sense ...

The volume of songs was full, it reached the top speed possible in the rain ... but after traveling 40 km from Karanja to Manora, I started falling asleep. So we stopped at the manor ... took tea. Time: 12 at night. For an hour we were walking straight on the road ... km of stones and so on. 50-55 lbs
When I passed, I saw two roads in one place.We stopped there for a second ... where to go? There was no viewer panel ... I was confused. A road was straight to that road. The other is slightly slanted. . We took a straight road ... but after some distance, we didn't see any mention of Mahur ... no village ...
Not the appearance of other trains ... just terrible darkness, and rain ... and the road in front ... we had missed the road ... it was not possible to turn back ...(Didn't come to mind) It was midnight ... There was no range for mobiles in that area ... Only our car on the whole road ...And the song in full volume ... Evanna was all awake ... No one was showing her, even though she was a four-legged individual, even though she was in a trance ... The effect of the frightening atmosphere had turned into fear ... Don't want to stop the car... That was the big prayer. . We decided to take the same road until we reached a village. Half a pound an hour went by like that ... it was raining. So the windows were closed ... the road didn't end. I was walking for half an hour. Driving
There was a jam. Nature's call came as a combined result of rain, cold, fatigue and fear ... I had a kidney stone at that time ... so I went to the pit while searching for Athlete Adosa to be free ....(Horror Stories To Read Online)

On the left hand side on that smooth road
 A farm appeared. There used to be a farm house in that field ... "Finally ..!" ... Let's be free here and ask for Mahur's way. Now that I could find the road and reach, I stopped the car outside the farm house ... I took out the umbrellas from the car and got off. Kedar habitually took his sack too ... Sushya and I first went to one side and put on our shoes ... that's where we washed our feet in the rain. He touched his ear and came home. . It was a big house with old style construction ... a big lemon tree at the entrance of the field, a yellow light bulb outside the house in its light

 The exterior was minimally lit. There was a small porch. A wooden bullock cart was built on one side .... Fodder etc. was lying in front of it .. A dog was sitting peacefully in the dry space under the cart ... Rain, darkness, total scary atmosphere ... Suddenly Susya's attention went to the corner,
 There was a man sleeping peacefully in such a torrential rain with his head covered from head to toe ... his clothes were completely dry ... the four of us went for a walk ... it was scary in the whole scary atmosphere ... It was important to ask for directions, and maybe help With this expectation, the four of us came to the porch holding each other's hands ... The door was still open, but the view inside was strange .. Inside, seven to eight people were sleeping peacefully in the same position, covering their heads and feet. The house was completely open ... Susya and  I knocked on the door and shouted "Bhau", "Dada" etc ... but it didn't make any difference. Should we go in?. That outsider ... a dog stunned like a statue ... everything was beyond comprehension ....(Horror Stories To Read Online)

Just as we were about to set foot, there was a thunderclap ... and lightning flashed .. Kedar suddenly did not know what had happened ... he shouted .. "Teja, susya, prasad .. stop ...." Get out of here ... let's get out of the car ... "

And as soon as he shouted, he pulled us into the car ... Let's go ... We were already scared, we got dizzy because of Kedar's behavior ... "What happened to him all of a sudden? What is the overall type? .. Susya was driving .... Darkness, scary atmosphere ...

Kedar fell asleep in the second minute of sitting in the car ... no one was talking .. everything was beyond comprehension ... Kedar's behavior was also strange ... me, Susya and Prasad were well awake ... it was 3 o'clock at night. The intensity of the rain had not diminished even a particle ... it was just full volume music ... the same numb road ... darkness .... There was one more thing that was happening ... it was that we felt like we were going round and round ... feeling tired and awake

We weren't talking to each other about those things ... but crossing the road was important. So we walked without any extra thought. That mysterious farmhouse, Kedar's behavior was in my head ... For two hours we were going straight as well 
How far is it? Where are you going I didn't know what to do. It was early in the morning ... the rain had almost stopped ... around 5 o'clock we saw a square ... "Finally!" . The three of us literally screamed! (Kedar was asleep) Escape once! In that square, there was a sign saying Mahur on one side, Darwha on the other side, the third road leads to Manora ... "Found road ....!" We turned towards the road near Mahur ... now it seemed a bit normal. Cars etc were coming and going.

Mahur's milestones were visible .. I felt light ... My head was heavy last night ... We stopped at a tea stall on the road ... We got in the car and got off ... I felt very relaxed ... Kedar got up ... Tea About our house And the chat about the road started ... Sushant and I were tired because of driving ... Kedar's head was aching ... "But, what happened to you all of a sudden Kedar? Why are you shouting there? What were you doing weird?" Kedar - "Teja, I Swear! (Horror Stories To Read Online)

I didn't know ... suddenly ... what I was talking about ... what I was doing ... I wasn't doing it ... everything was happening automatically ... "Kedar shouldn't be lying ... because his behavior, our listening is miraculous It was ... we were a bit dizzy ... it was a never ending road, That house, that man ... that was the beginning of the chat ... just then the tea fell on our chat with a surprised face ... Did you come by the road in the field? Although survived? ".." What? What are you talking about? "" Brother, those people are not survive... The road is a labyrinth

On the night of Aus, people were swallowing ... Even yesterday that Aus Night you survived? Guys .. you are lucky ... "After saying this, we got confused ... How did it get so bad to miss our way? survived? What?" "Wait a minute ... tell me, brother ... what is it?" "it was dangerous brother" ... God's grace, I was still confused when I saw the man with the tea ...

His face seemed to be seen somewhere ... but it didn't matter before the tea .... It was kind of awful ...We were talking about of tea man in our heads. As we were in a hurry to reach Mahur, we left to look into the matter ... We reached Mahur safely within an hour. I had a fun trip there for two days and forgot ... Missing the road, we had to make a big detour of 100-150 km, we were so scared in our head due to rain and bypass ... So what was tea man talking about? Where have you seen him before? I couldn't find the answer to this question ... I couldn't remember exactly! .(Horror Stories To Read Online)

It was time to leave Mahur. We sat in the car ... I always check the diesel, km etc. when starting the car ... but did it that day. To calculate how many kilometers we walked empty ... and there was a big shock ... which made us all shocked....40 km from Karanja to Manora ... 20 km from Manora to the point where we missed the road, and 40 km from square to Mahur, it was about 100-110 km ... then we went from 12:30 pm to 5:00 am Where did the km go on the road?
There was no record of drive on that road ... No, the diesel in the car had run out ... - "Susya looks very messy ..."

 - Let's meet the tea man ... "- What was the tea man talking about ... - There were many questions .. There was more confusion than fear ...We started the journey in a bit of a cycle. This time of day! Because I wanted to reach Dhule in the evening and Pune the next evening ... there was no rain ... We came to the tea pot ... there was no one there ... where did this tea go man? Prasadam bhaiyya .. Brother made a noise ... A man came running on the other side of the road saying come in come in... tell... what shall we give? Tea coffee? Who is this tea man? "Where's that other brother?" He - who's the other brother? - That's it! Whatever it was ... it was  yesterday... yesterday I was here ...

 This was my own hotel  ... Who did you meet? Who met another shocking aftermath? The face seemed to be seen somewhere .... Missing a road, a lonely-unfamiliar road so far ... that's normal. That house too ... I mean, it could fit in a window of thought .. But he was not a wet man, he was a ghostly sleeping man ... Kedar's strange behavior ... What was that mess of kilometers and all that tea man said? Where did that guy go? There was more confusion here ... Rather than exaggerate, let us forget this case here, Stressing the head will not help ... Practical thoughts were not accompanied by the mind .. Something terrible is certain ... All four of them calmed down ... There was no fear, but I was feeling oppressed .... We reached the square... the view from the square was still dizzy ... we had to get dizzy ... In the morning, at the crossroads where we came, there is a road to Manora Karanja, a road to Darva Karanja, a third road to Mahur ... then the fourth road? Which road did we come to this intersection? We didn't see that road ... there was no fourth road there ...

That road had disappeared. What kind of man is this? Did you come to this square? We were numb. "These are the only three roads, ...". The head was heavy. I didn't think so. Darwha 110 km, via Manora 150 km ... (Horror Stories To Read Online)

"Sushya ... let's see what kind it is? It's day, it's dry ... it will work 40 km more ...". Via Manora took this road ... straight. And very normal ... there were trains and so on. Missing that road was the limit ... was confused ... the point where we missed the road... What was that, then when we goen yesterday night....We were numb.....Fourth road was not there

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